The Gig City: Where Bandwidth is no Longer an Issue

What happens when technology meets creativity in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

“The Gig City”.

Thanks to a 1 Gigabit-per-second fibre Internet service, known as “The Gig”, all residents and businesses in a 600 square mile radius, will see an increase in bandwidth of 20-200x faster  removing the pipe limitations seen in most metropolitan areas especially in the last mile.

Chattanooga’s uniqueness comes in the fact that it’s not just a brick and mortar  tech town. It’s nestled in the transition between the ridge and valley portion of the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau.  The “Gig City” is also known as the “Scenic City” making it one of the most sought after destinations that “combines advanced technology infrastructure with a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s just minutes from mountains, rivers and other outdoor playgrounds.” according to

The Competition

This summer, from May 14-August 16, Chattanooga is hosting a series of competitions for entrepreneurs and students to launch future applications using this revolutionary infrastructure.

The Money

Ten teams will be chosen for the Gig Tank and offered $15,000 to come to the Gig City to develop and test their idea live. The team with the ‘smartest and most disruptive’ business plan will capture a cash prize of $100,000.

There will also be a special prize awarded to best student-born idea of $50,000 cash and a chance to pitch their idea to VCs and Angel investors. Total prize money and investment capital of $300,000 is at stake.

Deadline to apply is March 20th. For more information visit

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