Opportunityisnowhere: How Do You See It?

Openness, Passion, Persistence, Optimism, Responsibility, Thoughtfulness, Understanding, Nurturing, Intuition, Transparency, Youthfulness.


Pieces of the puzzle and parts of the equation, these words are but samples of life and character. They are all a part of the equation; these words, and thousands of other expletives, expressions, and enablers. They equal opportunity, and that lies within you. That opportunity for you is inherent and inimitable.

They define the human experience, and are a part of your life, pithy or pitiful, exorbitant or enlivened. What they equal to the you is not a matter of chance or fate however, not a matter of genetics and inborn capabilities, but a matter of perception, attitude and choice. The opportunities of life are situational and become what you make of them.

Opportunityisnowhere. How do you see it?

A powerful message indeed, is the above a desperate cry of despair for you? Is it a slogan of the poor and huddled masses, the downtrodden cry of those without hope?

In a time of foreclosures and a collapsing economy, it can be a sad song of solitude and can imprison a person within a pit of collapsing spirit.


Opportunityisnowhere. How do you see it?

A powerful message indeed, is the above an exuberant cry of joy for you?  Is it the rallying song of the living and enterprising, a sign of the future and a hopeful slogan for living and thriving?

In a time of endless technology and fruitful chances, it can be a motto for the livers and thinkers of the world. It can be engraved onto the tombstone of the successful and happy.

Like a radio station, the frequencies of life are tuned into different stations and different ideas every day of the week, and differently for every person.

The frequencies of life allow us to hear what we want and tune off when we do not want to hear, like the different genres of music available on normal FM station.

Which station do you listen to in your life?

Do you listen to the station that says you can, or the one that says you can’t? Do you listen to the station that that tells you do to something, or do you listen to the station that has you physically carrying out that act? Do you listen to the station that lives for the now or the one that lives for the past?

With the multitude of different frequencies in life, finding the right one is of utmost importance to ourselves and to our happiness.

To find that right one you must first start by conditioning your mind to see opportunities in every situation in life.

Start now.

Opportunityisnowhere. How do you see it?

(Photo: The Opportunity Agenda)

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