Craig Gauthier


Looking for a real-world speaker?

With over 500 presentations, trainings and workshops under his belt Craig has a unique ability to take complex concepts, break them down into simple steps and then educate your audience in simple and effective manner. He recognizes that it’s not only what’s being presented that’s important, but also how. No audience is the same so why should each presentation be.

Craig uses his passion for learning to research your audience and tailor a personalized program for your attendees. It will be filled with real world case studies, great stories and personal experiences to illustrate key points that your audience can relate to and learn from.

Craig has presented to engineers, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, marketers, government agencies, realtors, teachers, C-level

executives, students, entrepreneurs, and many other groups. Onsite training has included employees from Nautica, PVH Corp, Bank of Doha, Honeywell Australia, Microsoft, CBC, Department of National Defense, General Motors, Pepsico, Bell, McDonalds and others.

From playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky to walking on fire with Tony Robbins, Craig has worked with and learned from some of the greatest athletes, Business Moguls and World Thought Leaders including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson and President Clinton.

Your audience will laugh, may even cry, but guaranteed they will be engaged, entertained and educated in a memorable way that leaves long lasting results.

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The majority of Craig’s talks are centered on the themes of business, communication, technology and life. Below is a selected sample topic list on programs he has delivered in the past to give you some ideas, but is by no means a fixed list. Collaboration on fresh ideas are always welcome and encouraged.



  • NEW! The Future Is You.
  • NEW! WiFi or Water: What’s Your Problem?
  • NEW! Video Killed The Radio Star: Will It Kill Your Business?
  • Small Business, Big Profits: Why Staying Small Can Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Shift the Balance: Redefining Success in Life and Business
  • Innovative Technology, Outdated World: Forecasting Our Future Through Technological Evolution
  • Social Media: Is It More Popular Than Profitable?
  • Return to Pangaea: Securing a Borderless World With Technology
  • It’s About You, Not How To: Breeding Your Own Success
  • Work a Little, Live a Lot: How To Create Your Life, Your Way,  Right Now
  • Business Metrics that Matter: What To Measure and Why
  • Self Esteemed Leader: Conditioning Yourself  To Champion Great Teams
  • Which I are You: Innovative, Imitative or Idiot?
  • Family, Fortune, Fame: What’s Your Why?
  • From Basement to Boardroom and Back Again: Why you need to be in Business and Where to Start
  • Inside-Out The Skills You Need for the Life You Want


As a former College Professor and current Academic Advisor Craig has a close relationship to the post-secondary community. His reach has extended globally to include students from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. This has had a great impact with students worldwide in helping them better prepare for work and life outside the college.

Craig is available to speak at your College or University for lectures, Student Leadership gatherings, Student Government events, AFA, NACA, APCA, BPA, Career Day, Job Fair, Back-to-School programs, Orientation, Commencements, Student Conferences, Classroom Programs, Athletic and Club Events, and other events your institute deems appropriate. Sample programs include:

OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE: How To Create Opportunities Out Of This World.

This inspirational program is a favorite among college event planners to use for junior and senior classes as it gets their students, the next generation of leaders, prepared for life after college.  From beginning until the end, your students will be engaged, entertained and educated with real world examples of not only how people just like them are finding great opportunities to enrich their lives but also ways in which they can to. Some of the things your students will take away from this highly interactive session:

  • A simple yet effective strategy to choose career path even if they’re uncertain as to what it is they want to do.
  • How a memorable perception can turn despair into destiny.
  • How to thrive in every aspect of their life no matter the circumstance.
  • Why taking 100% responsibility is crucial to taking their results to the next level.
  • Why the existing Industrial model for thinking is now obsolete… and the sink-or-swim changes they must make to ensure success in the new economy.

If your students want to break free from today’s economic uncertainty and take advantage of all the opportunities that are now here, then this engaging presentation is ideal for them! Available as keynote address, workshop or online seminar.

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Younique: How to Stand Out and Secure Your Future

With people living longer, the world’s population growing and advances in technology the competition for employment and business opportunities is at an all time high.  How will you distinguish yourself from the others? What will make you more memorable? What will you do that will bring you to the forefront an emerge as a great leader? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this engaging and educational presentation. Some other things your students will take away from this session will be:

  • What characteristics you should model from other great leaders, and which ones you must avoid.
  • Why you must define internal success on your own terms not someone else’s.
  • Three simple things you can do that will catapult you into the ranks of the top 1% of great leaders.
  • When to make decisions to go against the crowd and when to follow the lead of the masses.
  • The number one thing that will have the greatest impact on whether you succeed or fail.

This presentation will help your students expand their creative thinking capabilities and get more in tune with their true inner-self. As a result they will have the confidence to take on new initiatives in a greater capacity and be outstanding in whatever they take on.  Available as keynote address, workshop or online seminar.

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