Pain, Pleasure or Social Media – What Moves You?

It’s been proven on several occasions that the two main reasons people take action on anything are to avoid pain or to gain pleasure; and the quicker the better.

Think about the last time you were sitting at your desk in your office or lying on the couch.

When did you actually get up and move?

When you were hungry, your legs got numb or your back got sore?

Very rarely do we take action without reason.

There needs to be something negative or positive, painful or pleasurable that forces us to change our state.

No matter how cheesy you think those late night infomercials are, they’re still on the air for a reason – they work. From eye cream that removes wrinkles in just five minutes to the latest exercise gimmick that gives you six pack abs by attaching wires to your stomach while you watch TV, these infomercials remind us of how much better our lives would be if we were one of the first thirty people in the next ten seconds to buy their product for three easy payments.

What this does however is present a huge gap between the result and what’s actually required to achieve that result.  All successful marketing campaigns persuade us with the “easy” and the “instant” gratification. Showing us the magic results, the before and after, over and over sells way more than telling you about the sacrifices you have to make to get those results.

But are things changing?

Are we becoming smarter as a human race or are we still falling for the these easy step gimmicks?

We are at the beginning of a new era where troubled times for many has forced those to rethink the results we’ve gotten from these master marketers.

Many people are tired of  getting hit on the head with hammer with things that don’t work. Don’t get me wrong there are some valid products out there that can actually enhance your life. The point is that as we evolve and as things don’t turn out the way we hoped sooner or later we will figure out that it just doesn’t add up and we need a new formula – even if we’re not that good in math and resistant to change.

The marketing world is quietly undergoing a ‘reality’ shift, thanks in large part to social media.  With so many failures from those who chose the easy way, a greater realization of what’s needed to not only succeed but find true prosperity, profits, and purpose in the new world is rising to the surface.

It has opened the doors to transparency. Especially when an individual can have as many followers as a large corporation has customers.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have put the power back in the hands of the masses giving people everywhere the ability to be heard. And be heard by many. Uniting as one social voice for the good and the bad.

It won’t be easy. But it will be simple.

If you want to not only survive but thrive you better be prepared to move. And move quick.

Don’t wait for pain or pleasure. Move now.

(Photo: Dave Shearn)

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