Opportunity Is Now Here

How do you read this?

When I seen these life changing letters cluttered together (See the previous posts Opportunityisnowhere: How Do You See It? and Opportunity is Nowhere for back-story)  it was at a time in my life of great uncertainty.

Not knowing what road to travel down, what my future held, the dreaded first steps away from home, opportunity seemed nowhere. Somewhat similar to the circumstances many people face today in the new economy.

But as I began to read The Worlds Greatest Money Manual these letters, opportunityisnowhere, took on a whole new meaning.

The more I read the more my perception started to change. I had gone from one extreme to the next. From  fear based pessimism to extreme optimism. Especially the thought of making a lot of money, for a teenager, working a little and living a lot.

Like learning anything new, there’s an initial stage of extreme optimism or pessimism. If you’re a pessimistic person there’s a tendency to find all the bad things that could go wrong with the opportunity. If your an optimistic person it’s usually the reverse  – you see nothing but blue sky and dreams coming true.

While neither position is right or wrong they are both are a result of  unconscious conditioning from our past. We should guard against being  too extreme on either side as it could blind us into unforeseen failures if we’re too optimistic or missed opportunities if we’re too pessimistic.

As I read through  The World’s Greatest Money Manual I became more open to the opportunities the book presented. In fact, I was so optimistic that it was the first book I had ever managed to read cover to cover in one sitting.

For several days I returned to the book and skimmed through the chapters and highlights. On this day I returned to beginning of it where those life changing letters opportunityisnowhere glared at me.

I instantly separated the letters to read opportunity is now here.

My perception had changed.  I began to see bright lights and big time. Fast cars and luxury houses. I saw a life of good times and no whines. The book had taken me from the dark side to the bright light.

Opportunity was definitely now here.

But how was I to take advantage of this great opportunity that the book presented to me? I suddenly had to do some real thinking. I needed answer several questions but none more important than the question that Napoleon Hill asks in his book Think and Grow Rich.

It’s a  question that most people don’t answer let alone ask. It’s a question that prevents most people from getting the results they want and living their ultimate life.

That question is:

“What are you going to give or do in return for what it is you want?”

I suddenly realized that although I saw the bright lights and big time and  that opportunity was indeed now here, I still needed to do something about it. I needed to learn the skills necessary for success and then go and apply them.

Seeing the opportunity is only the first part. Seizing the opportunity is the next.

What are you willing to give or do in return for what it is you want?

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