A New Birth In a New World

As many of you know last month I attended the MasterWealth Summit with my wife Sarah and daughter Caelyn in beautiful Banff, Alberta. The event was hosted by my good friend Greg Habstritt and featured seven world class speakers who all delivered amazing content in their areas of expertise.

One of the highlights for me was getting to meet and talk to Dr. Stephen R. Covey who is probably best known as the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was obvious from the second he spoke why he is one of the world’s leaders in the area of human development and achievement.

His message revolved around making the paradigm shift from the Industrial age to the Information age. He talked about trying harder using an older (Industrial) model is NOT the solution and how the answer for growth and achievement in this new world is changing our thinking, specifically, “creating a new map for ourselves.”

What resonated with me the most was even though Dr. Covey encouraged us to change our way of thinking to adjust to the new world, he did not exclude something from the old world – which was the importance of family.

Having nine children and fifty grandchildren, Dr. Covey is more than qualified to talk about the importance of family.

With the birth of our second child Kian James Gauthier a couple of days ago my wife Sarah and I are truly blessed to be able to extend our family.

Kian is a great reminder to us of what is truly most important in our lives. And believe me, at almost 9lbs, when he’s hungry in the middle of the night he has no problem reminding Sarah and I about what’s important.

He also makes us aware that the circle of life is prevalent and here to stay. That change surrounds us everyday. And that we should embrace it and use it to discover uncharted waters.

I encourage and challenge you to take Dr. Covey’s advice and create a new map for your life. Create a life that is built around value and what’s most important to you. No matter how many failures or successes, tragedies or triumphs you’ve had in the past, start now before the new world passes you by.

(Photo: The RobeGuy)

(Photo: The RobeGuy)

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