#lolvo volvo v60: Is It Cool or Just Weird?

First off, I’m not a car guy. But, this video caught my attention.

I’ve never owned a Volvo – nor do I intend to. Nothing against Volvo. However, I must give them credit. Their v60 video is definitely unique.

Although the script sounds like it’s been run through swedish translation on google translate a couple of times, there’s enough uncertainty  to keep  your interest. The two minute video doesn’t really teach you anything about the car besides the fact that, “…it’s most definitely a car; due to its four wheels”.

It’s a good example of doing something different to start engagement and discussion. I’m sure it will get lots of chatter but will it be enough to go viral? More importantly, is it a brand builder or brand killer?

Will the cerebral voice-over be smart enough to win over some new Volvoites?

…Still digesting the “floor bibs”.

What do you think?

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