iPhone, Kardashian Step Aside: Most Memorable Moments of 2011

Don’t be too upset that you didn’t make the “top 10 list for most searched on the Internet in 2011″. This might actually be a good thing; because it probably means you didn’t create a sex tape, murder anyone, embezzle a trillion dollars on fraud street, cause a celebrity breakup, have a natural disaster named after you and your not a dead terrorist. The only downside to not being on this top 10 list is that you likely didn’t win American Idol either.

It amazes me what addictive gluttons for  information and news on the latest and most popular celebrity, tragedy, death, or violent act we are. Bring on the carnage – just like the Romans did centuries before us. Have we really evolved from our primitive predecessors of the past? In some ways yes. But at the core of our being doubtful. As long we keep buying into what the media feeds us they’re going to keep providing it. And now with the Internet  being this massive media vehicle it’s even easier to spread the word or song – just ask Rebecca Black.

Besides the popular celebrity nonsense, and the devastating tragedy in Japan,  it seems that one piece of technology fought through our love for the negative and captured our attention long enough to let our fingers do the walking on the Internet.

According to Yahoo, the iPhone took top billing as the number search term in 2011. Yes it even beat out Kim Kardashian. I wonder how much of this was sparked by the passing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

At any rate I’ll pause my cynical view for now and instead offer thanks to all those who intentionally or unintentionally put some drama in our lives. And at the same time be thankful that it wasn’t me.

Unfortunately, in order to have a heart-warming story somebody has to pay a price. Without the villain there is no hero. Without tragedy there is no triumph. And without all this adversity and uncertainty in the world we would live a boring Pleasantville existence and wouldn’t be able to differentiate one moment from the next.

As the year comes to a close most of us will look back at the past 12 months and reflect on a handful of memories that have stood out because they moved us or touched us in some ways.

Having spent a lot of time in air (141,623 miles to be exact) this past year, I was able to visit some great places around the globe and capture some remarkable moments. The cool thing about traveling  is getting that unique perspective on how people live in different parts of the world. It gives me a greater understanding of how diverse human beings actually are in their thoughts, beliefs and actions. It also helps give me a greater appreciation of what truly is important in life especially right now when I’m trying to finish this post and my 3-year old son is saying, “Daddy pease pay with me”. Gotta go.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I’d be writing for a really long time. Enjoy!

2011 in Pictures


Happy New Year!

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