Understanding the Ultimate Life Shift: From Industrial Age to Google World

It’s been proven on several occasions that the two main reasons people take action on anything are to avoid pain or to gain pleasure; and the quicker the better. Think about the last time you were sitting at your desk in your office or lying on the couch. When did you actually get up and move? When you were hungry, your legs got numb or your back got sore?

Very rarely do we take action without reason. There needs to be something negative or positive, painful or pleasurable, or that forces us to change our state.

No matter how cheesy you think those late night infomercials are, they’re still on the air for a reason – they work. From eye cream that removes wrinkles in just five minutes to the latest exercise gimmick that gives you six pack abs by attaching wires to your stomach while you watch TV, these infomercials remind us of how much better our lives would be if we were one of the first thirty people in the next ten seconds to buy their product for three easy payments.

What this does however is present a huge gap between the result and what’s actually required to achieve that result. All successful marketing campaigns persuade us with how “easy” it is and how “instant” gratification comes. Showing us the magic results, the before and after, over and over sells way more than telling us about the sacrifices we have to make to get those results.

The truth is that the world is driven by influence and marketing. Whoever has the greatest hook or can demonstrate the most perceived value in return for the least amount of effort is the winner.

The phrase Work Less, live more, grow rich,  is not meant to suggest anything easy or instant; or persuade you into thinking that your life is going to be so much better just by reading this book in five easy minutes.

The Ultimate Life starts with a shift in thinking, one that involves choice. Choice that allows you to create a meaningful life doing something you want to do not because you have to. We have been conditioned from the industrial generation that work has to be long, unpleasant and hard. It’s time to undo that conditioning.

The industrial age has given way to a ‘Google’ world where access to information on how to build a rocket ship or checking the latest sports scores is instantaneous. It’s a competitive world with an endless stream of new opportunities. Those who are open enough to see these opportunities and creative enough to take advantage of them in their own way will truly live The Ultimate Life of Working Less, Living More and Growing Rich.

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