Getting What You Want – Step 3 of 3

The third and final step in the process of getting what you want is review.  Similar to the first step, this step includes doing some critical thinking as well. But unlike the first step where you planned a future creation, the review step is about going back and analyzing what you’ve done in step 2.

To do this you need to measure your results from the actions you took in step 2 and either continue on the same plan you created in step 1 or start making substitutions for things that didn’t work.

Like a professional athlete watching video footage of the previous night’s game, review what worked and keep doing it and change what didn’t. Find out where your planning went wrong. Know where you have to schedule more time to do things, learn from experience and don’t guess.

Figure out if your time was spent most effectively, and if you could have done things differently, accomplished more, or done other things instead. Ask yourself why you were on time for some things, and not on time for other things. Find out if you got the most out of yourself and your time, and review why these things are so.

A quick review:

1. Think – Create a plan for the future. Ask critical questions.

2. Do – Take action.

3. Review – Review actions in step 2 and adjust plan in step 1 accordingly. Keep the doing the things that produce results.

Completing these three steps consistently on a weekly basis is the key element to growing rich. By thinking, you’ll have a clearer vision. By doing, you’ll be acting out your vision. By reviewing, you’ll learn from yesterday and ultimately be better a better person today.

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