Gangnam Style: Getting Everyone on Earth to Know What You Do

There’s a great saying that goes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. While some of that maybe true I believe it’s more about who knows you and knows what you do.

Does the name Park Jae-sang ring a bell? Um. Probably not.

How about PSY? Maybe?

What about Gangnam Style? Unless you’re one of the 93% of the world that hasn’t  seen the Gangnam Style video yet then you probably know what I’m talking about.

So how did PSY and his team manage to get 7% of the entire world or almost 500 million people to watch his video on YouTube practically overnight?

Quite simply. YG, the management team behind PSY, had a plan long before the video went live. They also had a huge list of people subscribed to their various YouTube channels which meant they could leverage their subscribers and gain momentum quickly if the viewers liked what they saw. And of course they did.

They didn’t stop there however, once they gained momentum they continued to leverage their media contacts. It didn’t hurt that the song was a #1 hit either.

There’s no secret sauce or special formula. It’s a very simple, calculated recipe:

  1. Access to a qualified (relevant) list of subscribers.
  2. A good/catchy product.
  3. Consistent constant exposure on appropriate channels.

Update: For full details on how Gangnum Style went viral click here.

Getting everyone on earth to know what you do is not difficult. But it’s not easy either.



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