My Eleven: The Core Values that Guide Me

In the last post we talked about why Zappos was so successful and why Amazon would be willing to pay over $900 million dollars for them. I also asked you about what values you use to govern your life both in business and personal life.

In return here are My Eleven,The Core Values that Guide Me:

1. C- Commitment. Be committed to everything you say yes and no too. We have a limited amount of time on this earth. Give a little thought to the things you want to commit to before you do so. But when you commit see it through. In other words say what you mean, and do what you say.

2. O- Openness. Be open, objective and honest when communicating with others. This is one of the most challenging things to do yet can be one of the most rewarding.

3. R- Responsibility. Take 100% responsibility for everything you say and do. Whether you’re right or whether you’re wrong, whether you have a huge  failure or great success, be humble and take responsibility for all your actions.

4. E- Energy. Continually build energy by nurturing your mind and body. Energy is the juice of life. It keeps you up late at night and gets you up early in the morning. It determines your outlook, what you attract into your life, and the quality of experiences you’ll have throughout your life.

5. V-Value. Seek to add value first. When you give more value than you promise you quickly build trust and loyalty. Be someone who people can count on to over-deliver, always.

6. A-Action. Take action on the ideas you want to bring into reality.  All that is real today is nothing more than action being applied to someone’s  idea or thought. Remember nothing happens without movement.

7. L- Learning. Always listen before speaking. Ask questions first, give answers second.  The more questions you ask the more you’ll learn and grow. The beauty of learning is that it’s a life long practice. Never stop learning.

8. U- Unique. Be an original. It’s ok to learn from others and model their behavior but always add a touch of you to it. It’s your life not somebody else’s. What makes others successful, happy or fulfilled may not be the same as what quenches your thirst for these things. Jonathan Sprinkles has a great quote that has stuck with me, “You were born an original, don’t live like a copy.”

9. E-Experience. Life is all about the experience. Surround yourself with positive people who think, feel and act the same way you do. Strive to give the people around you an unbelievable experience every time they’re with you. Put a little WOW in your life and watch what happens.

10. S-Specific. Be crystal clear when defining what you want and what your willing to give. Life is a constant trade-off between giving and getting. The more specific your intentions are the truer your results will be.

11. And One More Always have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. Work Less. Live More. Grow Rich.

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