Donald Trump’s Advice on Being Successful: Screw China, Buy Aussie Hair Spray and Always Get Even

After spending a little more than a hour at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre with the flamboyant billionaire, otherwise known as “the Don”, it’s hard not to appreciate his candid in-your face intensity and dog-eat-dog business practices. At least with him, it’s not the usual blah blah blah tell them what they want to hear, politically correct BS.

Some may think his cynical and non-trusting attitude is a bit over-the-top but he pulls no punches on the realities of what it really takes to be successful in business and life. Besides the usual ‘work hard’, ‘never give up’, ‘take advantage of momentum’ and you have to ‘enjoy what you do’ words of wisdom and complimentary stories to reiterate those fundamental principles he had some less-than mainstream thoughts on what it takes to get what you want out of life and business.

Always Get Even

Trump is a firm believer in making things difficult for those who make things difficult for you. He said you must get even with those who screw you over so that others think twice about doing the same. He talked about  getting sued on a daily basis and referenced the Rosie O’Donnell incident and how not backing down and fighting back of has helped mitigate many potential losses.

Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

With divorce rates over 55% his thoughts are that many relationships and marriages are one of the main reason businesses fail. In fact, many banks won’t lend to businesses where husband and wife are owners or there’s no prenuptial agreement he says. He sarcastically chimed in  about the only time he made money from women was when he bought the Miss Universe pageant. Judging by his track record he’s probably right.

Being Lucky

Trump talked about his financial crisis in the 90′s and how one of his bankers, who was known for being tough on people who couldn’t pay, in fact his banker had bankrupted pretty much everyone who owed him money and couldn’t pay. If it wasn’t for a chance meeting at an event, which Trump didn’t want to go to, and didn’t know his banker, whom he owed over $197 million dollars to and had never met, was going to be there, Trump believes he may not have been able recover and grow to magnate he is today. The next morning they made a deal to restructure debt and the banker gave him a shot. He continued by saying some people are lucky and some people just aren’t. It’s a state of mind first and that you need to chose whether you believe your lucky or not.

Hire Great People but Don’t Trust ‘em

Really? Hire great people and don’t trust them? That’s something you don’t hear everyday but not that surprising knowing where it’s coming from. Trump’s thoughts are that people will take advantage of anything they can if you let them. ‘It’s human nature’. I wonder if his employees and kids know that he doesn’t trust them? Even being the crude skeptic he is,  there must be a  line somewhere. He must trust in some people. I’m sure he believes that there’s at least one person in the world who’s not out to screw him?…On second thought maybe not.

On the Future, Politics and Economics

Trump advised Australia to “screw” China by raising its commodity prices. “You really screw them on the sale of raw materials. They need you badly. You have all the cards.” Part of his rant was a result of his criticism on America’s lack of tough negotiators in business dealings with China.

Then there was his well-known take on global warming and solar power, the latter in which he is not a fan. Citing a story where some ‘environmentally friendly’ people tried to convince him to put ‘those ugly things  on my buildings’ and tried to convince him that he’d see a return on his investment in less than 14 years. In reality, after he did some due diligence it would be over 30 years before he saw any benefit. In true fashion, he concluded his piece on global warming sarcastically by saying he was doubtful that he was damaging the ozone layer  using hair spray to keep he comb-over happy every morning.

Speaking of hair-spray Trump addressed his famous comb-over while spending some time at the Sydney Opera House earlier in the day. “The wind was blowing violently….I said to my (assistant); ‘Get me some hairspray’.”

“And let me tell you..I love this hairspray. Frickin Australian hairspray. It actually works.”

Trump also continued to pitch his prospects of running for US president as an independent after deciding not to contest the Republican candidacy.

“If the economy continues to be bad – and I think it will because we have incompetent people running the country – and if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate, I will very strongly consider running as an independent,” he said.

Whether you love him, hate him or couldn’t care less you have to admit there’s rarely a dull moment when ‘The Don’ is in the house.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Ward.

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