Are People Better Off Now Than When We Started?



With President Clinton coming to deliver a talk in my hometown later this week, I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to finally meet and speak with the gifted 42nd President of the United States. One of the reasons I am a huge supporter of President Clinton and his  philanthropic endeavors is because of  his commitment to action and getting results. Here is just a short-list of some of the outstanding work he and his  foundation have been a part of:

  • Though Clinton Global Initiative commitments 9 Million people have been provided with new jobs and income-generating opportunities
  • The Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative has provided resources for 4,000 cataract surgeries to previously underserved communities in Peru
  • Through Clinton Hunter Development Initiative community reforesting projects 1.9 million trees have been planted in Malawi
  • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has empowered 2.3 million kids to eat better and live healthier lives
  • Through the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative’s Entrepreneurship Program 72,500 hours of pro bono consulting services worth more than $15 million have been provided to support entrepreneurs
  • The Clinton Climate Initiative is implementing 35 building retrofit projects in 14 cities that will prevent the release of 75,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each ear
  • 2.6 million people are benefiting from HIV/AIDS drugs purchased at reduced prices under the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s agreements
  • The Clinton Presidential Center has been an anchor for economic revitalization, helping to bring $2 Billion in economic development

The Clinton Foundation has earned the highest possible  rating from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of nonprofit organizations. This means you can support their work with confidence, knowing that 94 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to advancing Clinton Foundation programs that are improving lives and addressing pressing global challenges that affect us all.

Why I Give…

This short two minute video as President Clinton explains why he continues to contribute to the betterment of the planet and improving the quality of life for all those that inhabit it.

Two ways you can take part:

1. What Would You Ask The President?

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2. How I’m Contributing and How You Can To

My goal is to raise $1000 by Friday, October 29th to support his foundation  initiatives. To be a part of the community please click the ChipIn button at the top right hand column of the page.

For those who have make contributions either in the form of questions or donations I will be holding a draw for an autographed copy of The Clinton Tapes; Wrestling History with the President by Taylor Branch.

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(Photo: United Nations)

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