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Nike Football: The Last Game

‘The Last Game’ is a story about risky football versus safe football. The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective. Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree, and they are willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong. There is only one way …

6 Shortcuts to Persuasion

In this animated video Dr. Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin go over the following 6 Principles of Persuasion: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus They give concrete examples and case studies of their research and how it can be applied.  

Is Your Company A Verb?

This video was produced in 2011 by the MSc Brand Leadership team at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. It illustrates how brands started and the importance of building brands. Is your company a verb?